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A Novel Way to Extract and Combine the Large Data of Protein Sequences and Structures to Improve Matching Scores
Summary: Researchers at Iowa State University have developed a new amino acid substitution matrix, SeqStruct, that takes into account both the sequence and structure data of the protein in the sequence matching procedure. This allows for better sequence matching scores across diverse proteins, especially for those proteins whose structures are similar...
Published: 6/27/2019
Category(s): Life Sciences, Software & Information Technology
Gene controlling spontaneous haploid genome doubling in maize
Summary: ISU researchers identified a maize chromosomal region and markers associated with the ability of haploid plants to spontaneously double their genome, and thus become DH/inbred lines. Genome doubling without particular treatment, greenhouse cultivation and transplanting can substantially reduce the costs of DH line production. The chromosomal...
Published: 5/15/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Anti-Alpha-Synuclein Monoclonal Antibodies for Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Summary: Iowa State University researchers have developed anti-alpha-synuclein antibodies that preferentially bind to aggregated alpha-synuclein. The antibodies can be used for an early screening test for alpha-synuclein associated diseases (such as Parkinsons' disease) with potential therapeutic uses to include the treatment of Parkinsons' disease...
Published: 5/10/2019
Category(s): Life Sciences, Healthcare
Codon optimized nls-Mad7-nls for targeted double-strand breaks in vertebrates
Summary: This disclosure relates to vectors carrying a modified MAD7 gene optimized for high expression in vertebrates, including  zebrafish and human cells. Description: Mad7 is a novel RNA-guided nuclease described by Inscripta with high potential for gene editing.  To our knowledge, there are no published reports of Mad7 nuclease activity in vertebrate...
Published: 5/2/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Veterinary Medicine
Influenza Nanovaccine
Summary: ISU researchers have developed an intranasally administered biocompatible polyanhydride nanoparticle-based influenza A virus (IAV) vaccine (IAV-nanovax) capable of providing robust protection against subsequent homologous and heterologous IAV infections.Description: IAV is a major cause of respiratory illness worldwide and typically responsible...
Published: 4/30/2019
Category(s): Life Sciences, Healthcare, Veterinary Medicine
Enhanced Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Reaction Systems using Magnetic Ionic Liquids
Summary: Iowa State University researchers have developed a method for rapid detection of pathogens.Description: Isothermal nucleic acid amplification (INAA) is an alternative method to standard amplification methods, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for the rapid detection of nucleic acids from pathogens. INAA is highly sensitive, has high...
Published: 4/11/2019
Category(s): Life Sciences, Healthcare, Engineering & Physical Sciences
Magnetic Ionic Liquids for Capture, Concentration, and Molecular Detection of Microbes
Summary: ISU researchers have developed an improved method of Salmonella detection in food and beverages.Description: Salmonella is one of the most common foodborne pathogens throughout the world, and is responsible for many illnesses.  Current techniques for detection typically involve standard culture methods coupled with polymerase chain reaction...
Published: 3/26/2019
Category(s): Engineering & Physical Sciences, Life Sciences
Isolation and Characterization of Porcine Sapelovirus Strain US/ISU26908B/18
Summary: This disclosure isolated a novel porcine sapelovirus (PSV) from a swine spinal cord sample. Description: Porcine Sapelovirus (PSV) is an emerging cause of atyptical neurological disease in swine resulting commonly in a herd mortality of 1-3%, and occasionally up to 10% on affected farms. Currently there is no purified cell-adapted PSV virus...
Published: 2/25/2019
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
Genetic Elements in Enterococcus spp. to Produce Dopamine
Summary: This disclosure provides a biotechnological approach to produce dopamine as well as a method to screen for probiotics. Description: In this disclosure, ISU researchers report the identification of a Enterococcus spp tyrosine decarboxylase gene and other genomic regions for the production of dopamine. Dopamine is a mammalian neurotransmitter...
Published: 1/28/2019
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
Chimeric M. hyorhinis polyprotein for vaccines and diagnostics
Summary: An Enzyme Linked Immuno Assay (ELISA) has been developed to detect Mycoplasma hyorhinis (MHR) a bacteria commonly found in the respiratory tracts on pigs and an occasional cause of polyarthritis and polyserositis in young pigs. The MHR ELISA is able to detect simultaneously, and under the same assay conditions, IgG and IgA antibodies in serum...
Published: 4/2/2018
Category(s): Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
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