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Probiotic treatment of gut inflammation
Summary: A screening methodology to identify potentially beneficial probiotic strains and strains identified using such methodology. Stage1.png Development Stage: Description: Probiotics are live organisms that confer beneficial health effects to human and animals. The use of probiotics to treat gut inflammation is widespread and has been ongoin...
Published: 8/9/2017
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
Haemophilus Influenzae Immunogen
Summary: A powerful antigenic protein for the development of a vaccine against Nontypeable Haemophilus Influenzae Stage1.png Development Stage: Description: Nontypeable Haemophilus Influenzae (NTHI) is a significant respiratory pathogen associated with millions of yearly middle ear infections in young children and with many cases of pneumonia in...
Published: 7/19/2017
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences
Potato tuber yield enhancement
Summary: Inhibition of two potato genes can be used to produce plants with greater tuber yields without affecting plant growth. Stage1.png Development Stage: Description: Researchers from Iowa State University and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research have jointly demonstrated increased tuber yields in potato by inhibiting the ...
Published: 7/12/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Canine intestinal stem cells for drug development, precision and regenerative medicine
Summary: Canine intestinal cell lines (i.e. enteroids) cultures for basic and applied medical research. Stage2.png Development Stage: Description: Canine intestinal cell lines (i.e. enteroids) cultures for basic and applied medical research. The enteroids were developed with the goal enable the use of stem cells from dogs that spontaneously dev...
Published: 6/21/2017
Category(s): Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
Gene controlling spontaneous haploid genome doubling in maize
Summary: A specific mutation in a maize gene is associated with enhanced spontaneous haploid genome doubling. Stage2.png Development Stage: Description: To produce commercial hybrid maize one inbred corn line is crossed with a different inbred line. Using traditional breeding, it takes 5 to 8 generations to develop one inbred line. Doubled haploi...
Published: 6/21/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Use of the XA1 rice gene to confer broad Xanthomonas resistance in plants
Summary: The Xa1 gene induces resistance to all or nearly all TAL effectors in certain crops thus providing with a new approach to combat most crop diseases induced by Xanthomonas. Stage2.png Development Stage: Description: By unmasking the suppressive function of bacterial pseudogenes, the researchers discovered hat Xa1, an NBS-LRR type disease...
Published: 6/21/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Splicing Correction in Spinal Muscular Atrophy by Targeting Intronic Sequences
Summary: This technology has the potential to increase the Spinal Muscular Atrophy protein levels in patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The innovation is a blocking antisense oligonucleotide and its target site located in a deep intronic sequence of the SMN2 gene. The blocking of the SMN2 target sequence corrects the defective splicing of the g...
Published: 6/21/2017
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences
Rapid Enrichment of Viable Bacteria using Magnetic Ionic Liquids for PCR Amplification and Culture-Based Diagnostics
Summary: ISU researchers have developed new molecules with an accompanying method to preconcentrate bacteria for rapid detection for food safety testing. Stage2.png Development Stage: Description: The detection of viable bacteria in food, environmental, or clinical samples is limited by time-consuming enrichment procedures (e.g., overnight cultur...
Published: 6/2/2017
Category(s): Life Sciences, Materials, Research Tools & Design Tools
Novel exosome-based oligomeric alpha-synuclein protien biomarker discovery using the RT-QuIC assay platform
Summary: ISU researchers have developed an assay for following the progression of parkinsonain disorders. Stage3.png Development Stage: Description: Parkinson's disease (PD) is a major neurodegenerative disorder affecting around 2% of the elder population in U.S, and its incidence is expected to rise dramatically with the advancing median age of ...
Published: 6/2/2017
Category(s): Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Devices
Transparent soil made by gel beads
Summary: This innovation appears to be the first description of using beads made with “natural” gelling materials to observe plant roots. The bead formulation is novel and optimized for plant growth. Stage1.png Development Stage: Description: ISU researchers reported their invention to be a transparent soil medium which can provide a ...
Published: 5/24/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences, Research Tools & Design Tools
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