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Optical Phytase Activity Sensor
Summary: Iowa State University researchers have developed a method to quickly and simply sense phytase activity, using single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) with a substrate analog.Description: Single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) are becoming ubiquitous in chemical sensing applications. Able to fluoresce in the near-IR, with no photo-bleaching threshold,...
Published: 9/24/2020
Category(s): Agriculture, Healthcare, Imaging, Sensors & Controls, Research Tools & Design Tools, Veterinary Medicine
Tracheo-bronchial Sampling Device
Summary: ISU researchers have developed an effective sampling device to collect tracheo-bronchial mucus from pigs to be used for PCR detection of pathogens such as Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.Description: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae is a bacterium that causes porcine enzootic pneumonia, a highly contagious pneumonia in pigs which can lead to significant herd...
Published: 6/21/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine
Gene controlling spontaneous haploid genome doubling in maize
Summary: ISU researchers identified a maize chromosomal region and markers associated with the ability of haploid plants to spontaneously double their genome, and thus become DH/inbred lines. Genome doubling without particular treatment, greenhouse cultivation and transplanting can substantially reduce the costs of DH line production. The chromosomal...
Published: 5/15/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Spontaneous Haploid Genome Doubling Maize Donor Line
Summary: ISU researchers have bred donor maize lines with increased propensity to spontaneously double their haploid genomes, and thus become doubled haploid (DH)/inbred lines. This finding open a path to reduce the costs associated with DH maize production. The donor lines of this invention and associated DNA markers of ISURF invention disclosure...
Published: 5/15/2019
Category(s): Agriculture
Laser Enrichment Device for Poultry
Summary: An invention where a laser device is used to stimulate the natural predatory and visual oriented instincts of poultry to hunt and chase bugs or other small moving objects. This is a better enrichment option for poultry producers to comply with guidelines to improve poultry health and welfare.Description: Current enrichment options to comply...
Published: 5/3/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine
Codon optimized nls-Mad7-nls for targeted double-strand breaks in vertebrates
Summary: This disclosure relates to vectors carrying a modified MAD7 gene optimized for high expression in vertebrates, including zebrafish and human cells. Description: Mad7 is a novel RNA-guided nuclease described by Inscripta with high potential for gene editing. To our knowledge, there are no published reports of Mad7 nuclease activity in vertebrate...
Published: 5/2/2019
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Veterinary Medicine
Isomerization of Muconic Acid for the Production of Bio-based Terephthalic Acid
Summary: Iowa State University researchers have developed a cost-effective method to isomerize cis-, cis- and cis-, trans- muconic acid to trans-, trans- muconic acid, which readily combines with acetylene via Diels-Alder reaction to create terepthalic acid.Description: Polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) is one of the most abundantly-used thermoplastic...
Published: 5/21/2018
Category(s): Agriculture, Energy, Cleantech & Environmental, Materials
Potato tuber yield enhancement
Summary: Inhibition of two potato genes can be used to produce plants with greater tuber yields without affecting plant growth. Stage1.png Development Stage: Description: Researchers from Iowa State University and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research have jointly demonstrated increased tuber yields in potato by inhibiting the potato...
Published: 7/12/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences
Transparent soil made by gel beads
Summary: This innovation appears to be the first description of using beads made with “natural” gelling materials to observe plant roots. The bead formulation is novel and optimized for plant growth. Description: ISU researchers reported their invention to be a transparent soil medium which can provide a heterogeneous environment with aeration...
Published: 5/24/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences, Research Tools & Design Tools
Induction Protocol for Bovine Digital Dermatitis Lesions Using a Cocktail of Pure Growth Organisms
Summary: ISURF #4258 describes a method for inducing papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD) in cattle, an important disease for the US dairy industry that is leading cause of lameness. Also disclosed are a number of bacterial isolates that are used to induce the disease model for this polymicrobial infection. Advantages of this technology include...
Published: 1/31/2017
Category(s): Agriculture, Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
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